Lenticular & 3D

Let the power of 3D communicate for you!

                                       Lenticular & 3D

Give your message a dynamic dimension by using 3D and/or animation printing.

The lenticular process adds relief and depth to simple images. With effects such as zoom, morphing, animation or flip, your messages spring to life and the impact of your designs is increased.

To radically increase the visibility of your product at its point of sale, opt for 3-dimensional communication – the appearance of motion has much greater power to grab the consumer’s attention – and keep it.

For your POS promotion, packaging, book covers, cards and all communication materials, our designers work with you to create and develop the most spectacular effects.

Independent studies show that …

“Retailers who use lenticular displays have benefited from a more than 12% increase in sales compared to traditional stores” – “Eastman Kodak study of 3D displays in malls”.

“DVDs with lenticular jackets sell 10 times faster than traditional DVDs” – “Time Magazine study of 3D advertising vs conventional print”.

Choose lenticular to create the event around your next campaign:

  • Inserts
  • Magazine covers
  • Packaging
  • Displays and posters
  • Collectors’ cards