Display and POS Material

Give your products more in-store pulling power to increase your sales!

Are you looking to:

  • Make your brand and products more visible than those of your competitors?
  • Help your products find new customers at the point of sale?
  • Develop your turnover by continually matching your product range to market demand?

According to the French Merchandising Institute, more than half of all purchases are decided at the point of sale.

Product visibility plays a key part in the conversion to a purchase.

Create a strong impression in your customers’ minds with a vibrant shelf presence.

A POS promotion reinforces your promotions at peak times of the year – Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Holiday season. Whether your materials are in a retailer, a shop or a department store, face on or edge on, we fit around all your requirements.

Our teams help you select the merchandising method and the POS promotion that will mark out your product in an often crowded marketplace. They are the essential levers of your development strategy.

NARBONI is present in many key sectors such as supermarkets, technology and telecommunications, the film industry, etc. With more than 40 years’ market experience we can offer a wide range of materials with which to attract your target consumer’s attention.

For a message that has even more reach you can also use multiple versions of your campaign, or multiple channels.

Our expertise:

  • Packaging
  • Display stands
  • Short-, medium- and long-run POS promotions
  • Wobblers
  • Interactivity at Points Of Sale (Augmented Reality)
  • Range of materials and effects (3D, Textures, Ecological Substrates)
  • Distribution channels
  • Tailored specifications