Promotional Cards

A Promotional Card brings your direct marketing operations to life.

Promotional Cards

Whether launching a new offer, communicating price reductions or adding perceived value to your product, the promotional card gives reach to your communication campaigns.

Narboni has built up more than 40 years’ experience designing truly unique promotional cards using 3D printing, textured finishes and cutting to your dimensions and shapes.

Put our knowledge to work for your business.

  • Publicity cards
  • Collectors’ cards
  • Scratch cards, free gifts
  • Playing cards
  • Discount cards
  • Calendar event cards
  • Luggage tags

Promotional cards can be imaged by HD inkjet (DoD), laser or thermal transfer. They can be supplied with an adhesive flap to protect a photo, be blister packed, or be enclosed with your letter or magazine.

For better distribution of your mailshots, Narboni also manages your letters or packages.