Loyalty Card

Targeting, attracting and keeping good customers are key to the success of any business.

Loyalty Card

The card expresses the values of your loyalty program and conveys a consistent, business-wide marketing strategy.

By choosing from our wide range of sizes, materials and backings to create a card that is both practical and secure, you can give your loyalty program the impact it deserves.

Methods of communication and consumption are constantly evolving.

By adding interactive modules or mobile apps to your loyalty program, you are assured of reaching the fastest-moving, most connected people.

NARBONI supports your customer relationships and offers manufacturing processes that incorporate the most advanced technologies at every step of production:

Printing, Imaging, Cutting, Matching, Shipping, Logistics. We can also help you move from Physical to Digital.

  • Standard CR80 card
  • Snap-off card with 1, 2 or 3 keytags
  • Imaging by thermal transfer, HD inkjet (DoD), digital (better data protection), encoding, magnetic stripe, barcode, QR code
  • Batch production or production as and when required.
  • Printing personalized accompanying materials and applying repositionable labels