Prepaid Cards

A prepaid card is a strategic lever worth introducing without delay

Prepaid Cards

A prepaid card is not just a secure payment method: it gives the best visibility to your services (phone services, online games and music etc.) in your shops or in the major distribution channels.

As a tool that allows promotions and facilitates purchasing and loyalty development, the prepaid card is a multi-dimensional sales growth tool.

Whether to simplify buying on the internet, getting new customers through the use of gift cards, increasing your turnover and your average basket, significantly improving your cashflow (working capital requirements) or simply enhancing your image in your customers’ eyes, a prepaid card is the ideal universal tool.

Narboni currently works alongside the biggest brands and retailers in managing their prepaid programs.

Our advantages:

  • Our cards and carriers are made in France in protected premises which guarantee optimal security both in encrypted data transmission and physical card security.
  • Our unique automated production lines allow fast imaging, high quality printing of codes, addition of scratch-off labels, 100% traceability and optimised turnaround times.
  • Our design, IT and merchandising services also allow us to roll out your offers and boost your point-of-sale promotions.

Narboni has over ten years’ market experience to help you identify the best levers to turn your French, European and worldwide plans into reality.

Narboni is a founder member of the Global Prepaid Exchange Association France.